All about repotting orchids

When to repot: Repot orchids when their roots begin to protrude out the pot, or when the soil medium starts breaking down.

What you’ll need:
– A new drainage pot
(same size, or one size larger)
– Orchid growing medium
(peat moss, fir bark or perlite, depending on the type of orchid),
– Chopstick
– Scissors

Step 1: Soak the plant in water for a little while. Carefully remove the orchid from its pot, taking care not to damage any roots

Step 2: Snip off any dead (yellow/brown-looking) roots

Step 3: Place the orchid into the new pot, pushing the roots in gently, and using the chopstick to fill in the gaps with the growing medium

Step 4: Place your orchid back in its decorative pot

Top tip: Don’t repot orchids when they’re in flower

Top tip: Cymbidium orchids are winter flowering, so repot these after winter

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