Life is a Garden

Inland gardening
Lawn: proud or pitiful – what makes the difference?
It’s time to give your Kikuyu lawn a boost with some spring treatment:
• Scarify: Use a steel rake to remove thatch- the dry matted grass at the base of the leaves. The vigorous use of a plastic rake or hard-bristled yard broom can also work.
• No 1 haircut: Mow the lawn with the mower blade set low.
• Spike: Use a garden fork or aerator to punch holes all over the lawn.
• Fertilise: Chose a fertiliser recommended by your local GCA Garden Centre.
• Water: The lawn gets thirsty too!
• Dress: Spread lawn dressing over the lawn and rake it evenly over the surface. A 30dm3 bag of lawn dressing covers 4 to 5 square metres.
Now just watch and wait for your stunning new grass to appear though the lawn dressing. Fertilise monthly for best results and water at least once a week until the rains start.

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