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February in the garden word scrabble

February in the Garden – Word Scrabble

Cna ouy uncsabbrel tehes owdrs? Read through the February in the Garden Checklist to get hints as to what the words are.
Veggie garden word search

Veggie Garden Word Search

Search for the words and flex those brain muscles! How many words can you find?

When plants eat insects, where do they go? A carnivorous plant dissection experiment for kids. When Love Bites

Do plants have stomachs and teeth? How are they able to catch prey like other carnivores if they can’t run?
Life is a Garden

Mother Nature’s Sensory Classroom

Gardening naturally stimulates our senses: the smell of wet soil, the sound of a cooing dove in the distance, the feeling of warm sun kisses on our skin, and early morning dew drops so fresh we can almost taste it!