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Plant Moms Botanical Boss

Plant Mom Addition  May is for the plant moms! Embrace becoming a botanical boss and dig your way into the world of plant parenting with confidence.
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Biodiversity – All things that Fly and Crawl

Life is a Garden invites you to become eco-custodians to South Africa’s heralding wildlife, right from your backyard!

Poppies and Petunias Balcony Besties

As the sun sets to welcome the evening sky in all its colourful glory, sit back and relax on the balcony with some potted poppies and petunias for company.
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Trendy Very Peri

The Pantone colour of the year is Very Peri – a courageous, statement-making violet-blue that generates creativity and inspiration in the garden.

May Checklist

Here’s what to grow and sow in May with some handy maintenance reminders.

May in the Garden Checklist Gardening Checklist

Be a winter-winner, get your May maintenance in check, sow cool-season seeds, and grow with the flow as we enter our last month of autumn.

Giving life to 2021’s trends Trends Article

When life gives us manure, gardeners make compost! As such, Life is a Garden would like to invite all green fingers to welcome 2021 as The Great Reset – a time to reconnect with our home space, a chance to grow food and deepen our connection with nature, an opportunity to shape remote working environments, and the ideal excuse to expand outdoor entertainment areas.

Upcycle Cans Can you dig this DIY upcycle?

We love upcycling almost as much as we love gardening – and that’s like, allot!
Life is a Garden

Upcycle Doll Planter Upcycle fun

No doubt some of you organised and de-cluttered over lockdown, but there are some items that we just cannot bear to part with.

Growing Spinach in a Jar Experiment

Our gardeners from Life is a Garden conducted this family-friendly, insightful little seed germination experiment during the lockdown days.
Life is a Garden Build a Bat Box for Daddy

Build a Bat Box for Daddy

This Father’s Day, we’re taking dads back to their childhood with a superhero bat box, DIY style!
Life is a Garden – Must Love Gardening Level up your little green thumbs

Level up your little green thumbs Must Love Gardening

In celebration of Youth Day on June 16, Life is a Garden is on a mission to get kids dabbing for dirt!

May the bush be with you African Gardens

Nothing says proudly South African quite like a braai in the bushveld, a couple of cold ones between friends, and a silhouetted Acacia tree at twilight.

Gardening promotes mental and physical health

Gardening has never been more important than now. Indulge and nourish your mental and physical well-being with the re-opening of your beloved GCA Garden Centres.

Mother’s Day Macramé Plant Hangers

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a hand-crafted, Mother's Day gift. Brush up on your knotting skills because the sassy 70's décor is back, baby!

May in the Garden Let’s revel in our African sunshine and plant some of our spectacular indigenous seeds and bulbs this season!

Hang in there gardeners! Your beloved, outdoor sanctuaries will soon be open.  While you wait for your post-pandemic indulgence at favourite GCA Garden Centre, let’s take this time to rejoice in this beautiful and envied continent of ours.

Water Wise Watch: May 2019

This month at Water Wise   'Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health' International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) is an annual event that takes place on 22 May.

Juncus Effuses (Common rush or Soft rush)

Juncus effusus is an evergreen perennial plant with a striking vertical habit. It is highly ornamental with a fanning growth pattern and is often used in landscaping which includes sunny water gardens and freshwater wetlands.

Trending: Grow your own coffee tree indoors!

The coffee plant (or rather a tree!) botanically known as Coffea arabica, can earn you kudos from coffee snobs if you can manage to grow it successfully in your sitting room as an indoor plant.

Container gardening on the balcony with Poppies and Petunias

Balconies are the meeting point for the great outdoors and the comforts of the home.