The Mirror Bush (Coprosma repens ‘Pacific Sunrise’)

Glossy and almost polished leaves denote that this plant is often referred to as the mirror bush.

Water Wise Watch: August

This month in Water Wise We are moving towards the end of winter and the start of my favourite season of the year - spring!

What to do about mole crickets

Symptoms Our “gogga” of the month for August (the mole cricket) makes unevenly raised burrows in the lawn and/or patches of dying grass What does this mean for me/my plants?

Cheerfully Pretty

If you are like many, living a hectic lifestyle with precious little time to potter around the garden, then Petunias are for you.

August in the Garden

The sap is rising and most of nature awakens once more in expectation of another spring and major growing season to come… It is time to think about composting, planting, making pretty and tooling up.
ficus plant

Perfect for the Patio – Ficus nitida

Ficus plants are amongst the most popular foliage plants for indoor containers. Whilst there are hundreds of different species, there are only a few prized for their lush green foliage and successful growth indoors.
mobile water feature

DIY Activity August – Make a Mobile Water Feature Read more here!

Read more here!
Water Starlet

Water Starlet (Spiloxene aquatica)

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are! Water Starlet is a winter-growing bulb commonly found in seasonal pools, vlei edges and marshes in Namaqualand and the Southern and Eastern Cape.
The camp fire plant

The Camp Fire plant (Crassula capitella)

A campfire’s stacked and crisscrossed wood, once lit, gives a magical light as it burns away and the Campfire succulent is aptly named, with its stacked propeller like leaves and beautiful red orange colour.
Cape Waterblommetjies

Cape Water Blommetjie (Aponogeton distachyos)

Cape Waterblommetjies occur naturally in the winter rainfall areas of the Cape, bursting forth as soon as the ponds and vleis fill up after the first winter rains.
Cape Thatching Reed

Cape Thatching Reed (Elegia tectorum)

Cape Thatching Reed – not a Reed at all, but a Restio! Restios are leafless, grass-like perennials of which the male and female flowers are borne on separate plants.
wise water watch

Water Wise Watch: July

In this issue: Local and international water news SALI and SAGIC Awards 2017 Weather Dam capacities Drought information and FAQs Water Wise Tip of the Month from Leslie Hoy "We can only save water one drop at a time, and one bucket or bath at a time; but we must never give up the daily fight to be #waterwise".
Gazania Family

‘Treasure Flowers’ – Gazania Family

The Gazania family is yet another of South Africa’s indigenous gems that provide unbeatable colour.

Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum ‘White Mountain’)

This outstanding plant provides masses of stunning white blooms with large golden centres that create a wow factor in any garden.
kids activity

Kids Activity July – Making a Cement Planter

Family Time in the Garden Family time is so important. In the blink of an eye, your kiddies will be all grown up, so it’s essential that you spend as much time having fun with them, creating memories to always look back on.

July in the Garden

In bygone days, gardeners would spend mid-winter poring over seed catalogues and planting bare-rooted roses and fruit trees sent to them by snail-mail or rail.

Healthy Herb: July – Lovely Lavender

Lavender, a magnet for bees and other insects, is the queen of herbs – loved for its beauty, fragrance and the sense of well-being that it imparts.

Winter Warmth and Smiles

No garden should be without calendulas at this time of year; it’s the only way to guarantee a little burst of sunshine when the weather fails you!  
water wise

Water Wise Watch: June

In this issue: Local and international water news Updates on water restrictions in your province Weather Dam capacities Drought information and FAQs Water Wise Tip of the Month from Leslie Hoy "At this very cold time of year,  if you run a tap to wait for the water to heat up, please collect the cold water in a bucket and use it to water your plants".
Little Rev

Little Rev (Dianella Revoluta)

Its compact blue-grey foliage, great architectural form and little to no maintenance required once established.