Eco warrior

Love them Lizards
Have no fear! Lizards are friends to the garden bringing gifts of goodwill with them. Welcome these eco-warriors into your eco-system and enjoy less pests, more life, and a healthier environment.
Lizards are lovely because…
They eat other goggas we don’t really like such as slugs, mozzies and ants.
These guys are completely harmless to humans and will not attack you or become a man-eating reptile (incase your nerves are a little fried from watching Godzilla).
Some do occasionally munch on leaves, but very small amounts that go unnoticed.
They are also food for larger predators such as owls (who we also love, bonus!).
Lizards serve as living barometers and are excellent indicators of your garden’s health. Their presence indicates low levels of pollutants, pesticides, and heavy metals in the garden – isn’t that grand!