Houseplant comeback

The best reason to invest in lots of houseplants is that one can garden and play around with nature at any time, even on those days when it’s just too cold to go outside into the garden. However, there are many more reasons to love houseplants, and here are five more.

  • Some, like peace lilies (Spathiphyllum) and Ficus species, are good air purifiers. They are also proven to provide a calmness to a living or work space.
  • Flowering houseplants last much longer than cutflowers, thus making them better value for money – winter favourites are Cyclamens and Azaleas.
  • Large and dramatic tropical leaves like those of Monsteras and Philodendrons are still totally on-trend!
  • Sculptural plants and large palms make for delightful natural decor items.
  • Potted herbs which can be kept on a sunny kitchen window sill for easy access are also in! Try chives, coriander, mint and Vietnamese coriander for spicy curries this winter.  


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