January check list

What to do in the January veggie garden

Most veggies need 60 to 90 days to harvest so if we are sowing in January, we need to think about what we will eat fresh from the garden in March and April. Never sow the whole seed packet at once as it literally contains from around 50 to several hundred seeds, so rather sow in 14-day intervals to achieve a continuous harvest.
If your mint, basil or sage is looking tired and leggy, re-sow them now.
Plant sweet peppers as seedlings – they are tasty in summer salads and many other dishes.
Keep protecting your fruit and veggies from fruit flies.
Feed your fruit trees, granadillas and veggies.
Tip: Never fertilise a plant when it is dry.

Try some of the decorative edibles in your flower beds for a change. The pretty red, pink, white and yellow stems of Swiss chard are very colourful. The fine-textured, ferny purple leaves of bronze fennel are a wonderful contrast to bolder textured foliage in the garden. Their purple colour is also stunning when placed near shrubs with lime green leaves like Duranta β€˜Sheena’s Gold’.
Keep the herb garden full by planting chives, oregano, marjoram, thyme, sage and coriander.