January Checklist

What to do in the January garden

There is still enough time to sow Eschsholzia, Lobelia, and Phlox for an abundance of summer and autumn colour.
Water regularly during dry spells.
Put out snail bait after rainfall or after watering in the evening.
If yellow patches appear on the lawn, this is an almost sure sign of lawn caterpillar, also known as armyworm.
Tip: Use a thick, moist towel placed over a patch at night. If lawn caterpillars are the culprit, they will still be foraging on the lawn in the morning when you lift the towel. Consult your local GCA Garden Centre for a remedy.

Colourful Begonias are available in trays to liven up semi-shade and shady areas.
Deadhead hydrangeas and use the beautiful blooms in dry arrangements.
A light summer pruning of your roses will help to extend quality flowering into late autumn.
Gently prune lavender plants that have stopped flowering to encourage an autumn flush.
Mulch, mulch, mulch to beat the heat and save water.