New In-Store (Spring 2018)

We care about you, the South African gardener, so here is a space which features all of the brand new products available at your local GCA Garden Centre!

Note: Not all products are available at all GCA garden centres. Call ahead to see if they have what you’re after. 

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Product Name: Petunia Lewisia Elise Mix

Description: A brand new alpine succulent that has the most eye catching flowers in pastel shades. Low growing with spikes of flowers from spring to autumn. Frost hardy and water-wise. 

Availability: These will be available in stores from October 2018. Can be bought in Gauteng, Vaal Triangle, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, and Botswana.

Product Name: Petunia Ovation Centre Piece

Description: A stunning new semi-cascade Petunia that has a unique pink bloom with a darker throat. It is a compact grower that is perfect in a pot as a centre piece (as the name suggests). It will flower throughout the season, even in winter when most other Petunia’s don’t.

Availability: Available in-store from January 2019. Can be bought in Gauteng, Vaal Triangle, Mpumalanga, North West, Limpopo, and Botswana.

Product Name: Viola Grandisimo Berry Pie

Description: A new addition to the large flowering Grandisimo range. Unique purple & yellow blooms that provide masses of colour throughout the winter season.

Availability: These will be available from April 2019. Can be bought in Gauteng, Vaal Triangle, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, and Botswana

Product Name: Succulent planters

Description: Imported terracotta pots from Germany (Available in sizes between 5cm to 20cm pots)

Availability: Available all year-round, in KZN Garden Centres


Product Name: Abelia lemon & Lime var. 'BRMGOLD' PBR

Description: The golden wonder, with lime foliage that turns to a rich golden yellow colour with reddish undertones in cold temperatures. Ideal shrub for hedges and topiaries. Plant in sun, to semi-shade.

Availability: Available year round, nationally

Product Name: Hebe x speciosa 'Sunset Boulevard'

Description: The famous Sunset Boulevard, like always will not disappoint. Beautiful prolific dark pink flowers, above the foliage, throughout summer and autumn. Mature plant size may vary due to growing conditions and climate, ±1mx1m. (N) Registered Plant Breeder Rights. Superior Selections TM Trade Mark pending

Availability: Available nationwide

Product Name: Nandina domestica Blush Pink  Var. ‘Aka’ PBR

Description: Compact upright evergreen shrub with crane-like stem, with roundish medium green leaves with pink new growth during summer. Purplish pink to red during winter Plant in s a sunny shade position. Cold and frost hardy. Bird friendly. Water wise. Plant size 70cm x 70cm. PBR Plant Breeders Rights Pending.

Availability: Available nationwide

Product Name: Four Seasons Lawn Seed

Description: Bermuda, Perennial Rye, Kentucky Blue Grass & Tall Fescue. Four Seasons is a specific blend for coastal or warm inland areas. 50% less irrigation needed compared to traditional cool season grasses. Tall fescues and cold-tolerant Bermuda grasses ensure good winter activity. Excellent in sunny areas, partial shade, heat, drought and salinity conditions.

Availability: Available all year round from all leading retailers and nurseries, nationwide

Product Name: Kikuyu Lawn Seed

Description: Pennisetum Clandestinum. Kikuyu is a medium to coarse textured, light green warm season grass which spreads by vigorous rhizomes and stolons. Very high drought tolerance.

Availability: Available in Spring and Summer from all leading retailers and nurseries, nationwide

Product Name: Kirchhoff's Edible Heirloom Seed Packets


  • Edible Flowers
  • Spinach New Zealand
  • Fennel Bronze leaf 
  • Wild Rocket
  • Origanum

Availability: Available nationwide in garden centres and home stores. Suitable for spring and summer, and year round in frost free areas

Product Name: Rodex Rat & Mouse Grain Bait

Description: A grain rodenticide (100g). Controls norway rats, roof rats, house mice and gerbilles. Convenient and easy application. Ready to use grain. Single feed

Availability: Available nationwide, all year round

Product Name: Avi Gard Merkaptotion

Description: An emulsifiable concentrate contact and stomach insecticide which controls fall army worms, aphids, mealy bugs, scale, thrips, CMR beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, lawn caterpillars, astylus, diamond back moths, lady birds, fungas gnats, pumpkin flies, fruitflies, carpet beetles, flies, ants, cockroaches and fishmoths.  Quick knock down and Short withholding period on vegetables and fruits

Availability: Available nationwide, all year round

Product Name: Nuvan Profi FUMIGATION FOGGER


  • Space fumigation for the control of flying and crawling insects, as well as stored product pests
  • Immediate knockout
  • 200ml bottle covers 360m³
  • 330ml bottle covers 600m³

Availability: Available nationwide, all year round

Product Name: Efekto Garden Gun

Description: No mixing, ready to use. For the control of aphids, brown ants, chafer beetles, thrips, whitefly and more

Availability: Available in all regions, all year-round