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We care about you, the South African gardener, so here is a space which features all of the brand new products available at your local GCA Garden Centre!

Note: Not all products are available at all GCA garden centres. Call ahead to see if they have what you’re after. 

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Product Name: Petunia 'Night Sky'

Description: A ground breaking new colour pattern on trailing plants, that boldly go where no Petunia has gone before. Starry-white on purple pattern sparkles like the night sky, providing spectacular displays in a hanging basket, containers, or massed in the border. It grows up to 40cm tall with a spread of 60 to 90cm. The colour pattern can change in different climatic conditions making an ever-changing plant. Available August to May.

Availability: Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo up to Polokwane, North West, Gaborone

Product Name: Mini Petunia 'Rave'

Description: A mini Petunia with a unique star pattern, that cascades with masses of bright blooms almost all year. Currently available in two colours with a third coming later in 2017, namely: violet, cherry and pink. Perfect for hanging baskets, containers and retaining walls. They grow to about 20cm tall and spread to about 60cm. Available August to May

Availability: Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo up to Polokwane, North West, Gaborone

Product Name: Simply Edible

Description: An exciting new potted range of heirloom and novelty vegetables and herbs. A large range with tasty new varieties and colours which are easy to grow, as well as rare and sought after varieties, including dwarf varieties. Available all year

Availability: Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo up to Polokwane, North West, Gaborone

Product Name: Potato Bush (Solanum White)

Description: Abundance of white flowers during Summer and Autumn. Plant in full sun to light shade. They are tender to frost but will tolerate light frost if planted in a protected position in the garden. Feed monthly with a fertiliser like 3-1-6. Water regularly in Summer, never allowing the soil to dry out. Growth points need to be pinched off very regularly to maintain the formal shape. This also ensures that they remain dense and lush with plenty of flowers

Availability: Gauteng, North West

Product Name: German Terracotta Pots

Description: Unsurpassed quality and extensive selection of styles and sizes

Availability: Available all year round and we can ship to all corners of SA and neighbouring countries.

Product Name: Birdlife Birdfeeders

Description: In support of Birdlife South Africa,  fit for the South African climate

Availability: Available all year round and we can ship to all corners of SA and neighbouring countries.

Product Name: Bonsai Pots

Description: Superior quality and most extensive selection of Bonsai pots in SA

Availability: Available all year round and we can ship to all corners of SA and neighbouring countries


Product Name: Polystyrene Seedling Trays

Description: Production facilities located in Cape Town and Pretoria. Our product is polystyrene as opposed to plastic and is 100% recyclable.

Availability: Stock readily is available and sold nationally as well as into Sub Saharan Africa.

Product Name: Kokodama

Description: Handmade nature for home & garden - The Kokodama is a handmade sphere made from natural coco fibres. Inspired by the Japanese bonsai-technique to process plants in Moss Balls, the Kokodama is the counterpart of the common plastic hanging pot. Suitable for internal and outdoor plants, Kokodama can be hung in the house, on the patio or balcony, or in the garden.

Availability: Available year round, nationwide

Product Name: Self-watering Pots

Description: Minimise watering and care requirements by using a WaterwickTM stick. The clever Waterwick dips from the inner pot containing soil, into the water. As long as there is water in the reservoir, the soil will remain appropriately moist. Eye-catching coverpots act as a water reservoir. A small window at the bottom helps you see the water level and when topping up is required.

Availability: Available year round, nationwide. Limited availability in Western Cape.

Product Name: Russelia equisetiformis Fire Cracker - 17cm Pot

Description: Heat loving, nonstop flowering, cascading dwarf coral plant. This plant will explode your senses with its nonstop flowering and new compact growth - ideal for patio’s and pots. It will attract birds looking for nectar.  Plant in full sun to semi shade.

Availability: Available nationwide



Product Name: Phygelius x rectus  (Hot Red trumpet) 'Lemon Spritzer' - 19cm Pot

Description: Indigenous, heat and drought tolerant. Hot Red trumpet blossoms towering over variegated foliage that looks like someone sprayed it with lime, forest green and cream accents. Ideal for hanging baskets and patio.  Semi shade, cold hardy.

Availability: Available nationwide

Product Name: Chlorophytum comosum 'Yellow Wave' - 17cm Pot and Hanging basket

Description: Let’s do the wave with this indigenous Hen  and Chick.  With the most beautiful variegated curly foliage ideal for hanging baskets or patio pots, ideally suited for shade or semi shade areas.  Drought tolerant

Availability: Available nationwide

Product Name: Curcuma

Description: Position in the morning sun and afternoon shade. Keep soil moderately moist. Water the soil and not the foliage twice a week. Fertilise monthly with a liquid fertiliser. Goes dormant in winter. This is a medicinal herb used to encourage good digestion and to treat infections, various forms of cancer, intestinal problems and Alzheimer’s disease

Availability: Available nationwide

Product Name: Avi Gard MERCAPTOTHION

Description: An emulsifiable concentrate contact and stomach insecticide which controls fall army worms, aphids, mealy bugs, scale, thrips, CMR beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, lawn caterpillars, astylus, diamond back moths, lady birds, fungas gnats, pumpkin flies, fruitflies, carpet beetles, flies, ants, cockroaches and fishmoths.  Quick knock down and Short withholding period on vegetables and fruits

Availability: Available nationwide, all year round

Product Name: Insectidust

Description: A dusting powder insecticide with contact and stomach action (200 g).  Controls astylus beetles, lesser army worms, army worms, chafer beetles, short-horn grasshoppers, aphids, CMR beetles, thrips, phorid flies, sciarid flies, greater cabbage moth larvaes, diamond back moth larvaes, fly larvaes, fleas and bedbugs. Convenient, ready to use

Availability: Available nationwide, all year round

Product Name: Sprayrite

Description: A blue colourant designed for temporary marking of sprayed areas (50 ml). Clear identification of sprayed areas. Designed to fade within 48 hours. A simple cost effective system to reduce over application or leaving missed areas untreated

Availability: Available nationwide, all year round

Product Name: Rodex Rat & Mouse Grain Bait

Description: A grain rodenticide (100g). Controls norway rats, roof rats, house mice and gerbilles. Convenient and easy application. Ready to use grain. Single feed

Availability: Available nationwide, all year round

Product Name: Rodex Rat & Mouse Paste Bait

Description: A paste rodenticide (13 sachets x 15 g - 195g). Controls norway rats, roof rats, house mice and gerbilles. Convenient and easy application. Ready to use paste. Single feed

Availability: Available nationwide, all year round

Product Name: Starke Ayres Vegetable Mix Econo Packet

Description: Contains four easy to grow veggies in one handy packet. This Econo Packet contains Onion Texas Grano, Swiss Chard Fordhook Giant, Beetroot Detroit Dark Red and Carrot Kuroda. This Vegetable Mix is ideal to grow your own veggies for those delicious, wholesome winter stews. 

Availability: Available at all leading Garden Centres, Hardware Stores, Co-op’s and Retail Outlets

Product Name: Chrysanthemum Garden Mum

Description: A true perennial. Goes underground in winter, but hardy to most frosts. It is a heavy feeder. Keep an eye out for aphids. Flowers in Autumn. Available in a variety of red, yellow, pink, bronze, purple, cream and white flowers. No pinching required.

Availability: Available in March, April and May in Gauteng, Free State, North West, Limpopo and some availability in Mpumalanga

Product Name: Hose and couplings

Description:  The Wedgit Premium Garden Hose is a tough 9-sided (facets) garden hose with 35 bar burst pressure and a design life of 10 years, manufactured from UV treated materials that contain no heavy metals.  The Hose roll includes a starter set of unique patented (pending) Wedgit hose couplings. These are extra tough (made from engineering grade polymers), leak free (tested to 17 bar) and compatible to existing systems (using the converter cap).

Availability: Available all year round in Western Cape, Free State, North West, Gauteng and KZN

Product Name: LM (Berea) Lawn Seed

Description: LM is an indigenous medium coarse textured creeping grass with good drought, heat and shade tolerance. Growth inhibited by frost.

Availability: Nationwide