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2020 Lifestyle Garden Design Show Open Day

Posted on: February 15th, 2020 by Shahnee Stockigt

The 2020 Lifestyle Garden Design Show opens on the 15th of February and runs until the end of May.

Put together for visitors by the students of Lifestyle College and presented by Lifestyle Home Garden, the 2020 Lifestyle Garden Design Show features garden spaces specifically designed to evoke the movement towards urban renewal, urban greening, online living and a sense of community…

Visit the 2020 Lifestyle Garden Design Show from the 15th February, open to the public with FREE ENTRY, and be inspired by the fully integrated show garden experience.

Our Garden Guide, complete with the 2020 garden breakdowns and a plethora of gardening advice and insight as well as inspiration, will be available to all visitors from the 1st of March. This year the focus is on patio living, small and micro gardens as well as small balconies.

For more comprehensive information click on the link to read Lifestyle’s blog about the event…

2020 Garden Design Show

And click on the link below to check out the Lifestyle College website and what they are all about!