Put the hop-petti-hop back in your garden this Easter DIY Rustic Bunny


Easter is on its way! Even though the holiday has different meanings to different people, most still decorate with bunnies and eggs. Get into the festive Easter spirit with our gorgeous rustic bunny. It’s also a great project to keep little fingers busy outdoors while enjoying our beautiful Autumn weather.

What you will need

  • Log or 8 x log slices of various sizes
  • A chain saw, or hand saw if you have not purchased sliced logs or disks
  • Drill and screws
  • Wood glue

 Log slices required

  • 2 big disks for the body
  • 1 medium sized disk for the head
  • 2 long ovals slices for the ears
  • 2 small ovals/circles for the feet
  • 1 small disk for the tail

You can buy pre-cut log slices at your local GCA Garden Centre or take the family for an adventure in your garden to salvage a fallen branch.

How to assemble your Rustic Bunny
Step 1
  • Start by drilling two holes into the bunny’s body to attach the feet to each disk
  • Apply wood glue around the holes, leave to dry for a few minutes
  • Then tighten the screws to secure the bunny’s feet to the body
Step 2
  • For this next step, choose one side of the mounted body and foot wooden structured
  • Add the small disk as the tail to one of the bunny’s body and a medium disk for its head
  • Repeat the process by drilling two holes for each body part, apply the wood glue and drill in the screws.
Step 3
  • Stand your bunny’s body upright to see if it balances on its feet. Join the second side of the bunny’s body at the base of the head, by drilling 2 holes, securing with glue and tightening the screws.
Step 4
  • Lastly drill holes and fasten the ears and voila, you have a DIY Rustic Easter Bunny ready for your Easter-themed garden.