Now Trending Life is a Garden Top Trends of 2019

Looking for some modern garden ideas? Whether you need a complete garden re-design or simply want to update your space's functionality and look - Life is a Garden has put together some top trends to help you. Visit your local GCA affiliated Garden Centre to get the products and expert advice you need to implement these trends.

Keep it simple

Mess leads to stress! Simplifying your garden can simplify your life. A good idea is to plant mostly perennial plants that will come back each year. Group them together based on their watering needs. Fill in any left-over spaces with bedding plants. Reposition messy trees or shrubs to avoid daily clear-up duties.

Garden getaway

A small retreat within a larger garden can feel like a getaway. Creating a quiet space in your garden to relax, read, or meditate is a great way to de-stress. Include a simple water feature and surround the space with lush plants.

Plant show-off

Stepping outside and looking at your plants with fresh eyes is a creative quest that can be therapeutic for your soul. There is something very satisfying about picking and displaying your home-grown plants in your house. Finding beauty in unexpected pieces e.g., twigs, leaves, dried seed heads, fruits, etc.β€”are very cool additions to an arrangement, and chances are you already have something unique right in your own backyard.Β 

Food for thought

Although growing your own food is not a new trend, it seems that now more than ever we have a vested interest in how our food is grown. The ability to produce your own food is not limited to people with large spaces of land. Your home garden can grow more food then you could imagine!

You can start by simply adding a pot on your front or back patio with a few herbs, and later add ornamental edibles, herbs/veggies can also be grown between other plants in your flower beds.