How to plant a hanging basket Feature Diamond Sponsor – Starke Ayres

Step 1: Palm Peat :

Place a Palm Peat brick into a 10l container and add 3l of lukewarm water. Once the Palm Peat has absorbed the water, break it up and squeeze out the excess water. Your Palm Peat is now ready to use. Mix a third of Palm Peat with your potting soil.

Step 2: Hydrocache:

Place one spoon of Hydrocache add to container and add 1l of water. Mix the Hydrocache and water together until it forms a gel.

Step 3: Bonemeal:

Place one handful of Bonemeal into the soil of your hanging basket. Add two handfuls of Palm Peat and three spoons of Hydrocache to your basket and mix together.

Step 4: Kelpak:

Add the bottle of Kelpak (natural liquid seaweed concentrate) to a container together with the same about of water. Dip the roots of the plants into the Kelpak mixture and plant into your basket.

Step 5: Nutrifeed:

Add two spoons of Nutrifeed to a watering can filled with water and stir well. Water the plants in your hanging basket. Repeat every 2 weeks.

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