Poolside Gardens Back to Basics

When you’re a gardener, pool parties are all about the plants! Transform your backyard into a palm beach or rolling grassland, and how about a tropical paradise or trendy minimalistic look? Whatever your vibe is, Life is a Garden has got the perfect poolside gardening inspiration for your summer entertaining. Choose your theme, pick your plants, and head over to your GCA Garden Centre. Remember to check growing instructions and grab a bag of compost and fertiliser.


Poolside planting – the do’s and don’ts

The last thing you want is to be stressed out by maintenance or constantly needing to replace pool filters because of rotting leaves. Therefore, here are some plants to avoid and factors to consider when creating your poolside paradise.

  • Don’t: Plant annuals that shed during autumn, littering the pool and surrounding area.
    • Do: Plant evergreens that are always jolly and low maintenance.


  • Don’t: Grow soft fruit trees like plums and apricots that’ll drop and rot around the space.
    • Do: Go for hard-shelled, non-shedding edible trees such as lemons or lychee.


  • Don’t: Plant flowers too close to the pool as petals can become a nuisance.
    • Do: Choose evergreen ferns and ornamental grasses that don’t shed.


  • Don’t: Grow herbs or lavender that attract bees (if this is a concern for your family).
    • Do: Include a few rocks around for harmless and helpful dragonflies to bask on.


  • Don’t: Plant trees with large invasive root systems that may damage pool infrastructure.
    • Do: Rather plant trees in containers to ensure your paving and pool is safe.
Swimmingly elegant themes

Design your ideal backyard and display your expert landscaping skills with one of these gorgeous themes to flow through your space. Planting palms is one of the easiest ways to create a lush, island getaway feel, especially when paired with a boma, some beach sand, and wooden deck chairs.