Seasonal Gardening


February in the Garden

Let your love bloom in this Valentine’s month when you fill your garden (and heart) with stunning flowering plants in the most passionate colours, available at your favourite nursery.

January in the Garden

Although our purses are thin after the festive season and our energy levels still at a low ebb after the holidays, our dreams and passion for our gardens never dwindle.
Life is a Garden

December in the Garden

Avoid the crowds and take a ‘green’, more convenient & relaxed approach to your festive shopping this year. Visit your favourite GCA garden centre and be inspired by the practical, stunning and living options on offer!!
Flowers marigolds

November in the Garden

It’s summertime and life is, (or should be) a garden in bloom! Spend time this month to keep on feeding fast-growing plants and lawns, and adding lots of summer colour to your garden beds.

Portulacaria afra

Also known as Elephant’s food/the Pork bush, Portulacaria afra is a succulent shrub with small rounded leaves and a contrasting red stem.

Floribunda Burgundy Iceberg

Exactly like ‘Iceberg’ in growth habit & flowering ability. Clusters of burgundy-red blooms with a silver reverse. It has become a favourite in South Africa & is the ideal choice for contrasting with ‘Iceberg’.

Indoor Plant of the Month for October – New Guinea Impatiens

    It’s hard to find striking colour contrasts as unique and vivid as New Guinea Impatiens. These hardy, easy-to-grow impatiens thrive in half sun/half shade locations and can be used to brighten up indoor spaces for several weeks at a time.

Trachelospermum Jasminoides (Star Jasmine)

Has an alluring, sweet scent.

October in the Garden

Put your ear to the ground and you will hear the sound of stomping gumboots! It will send excited South African gardeners, big and small, young and old, experienced or ‘green’, marching off to their nearest garden centre where they will find seedling tables groaning under annual and vegetable seedlings, and beds heavily stocked with perennials in season, groundcovers, ornamental grasses and all the other stalwarts of spring and summer, to plant.    

Bold, Bright and Beautiful

If bold, bright and beautiful is what you are after, then December’s companions are right up your alley. Celosia offers up a colour feast of red, orange, yellow, hot pink, rose, mahogany and magenta which are vivid and remain so for about eight weeks while Portulaca, our versatile little companion is available in scarlet, pink, orange and yellow for the bolder gardener.

Warming Up the Beds

If it’s warm, rich colours you are after then our November companions are perfect for you! Marigolds are first up, offering their warm sunny colours for most of the year and outlasting many other annuals.
Tomato soup


There is just nothing to beat tomatoes in terms of taste, variety and satisfaction. In addition to this, they feature in just about every kind of cuisine, besides being a staple in salads and sandwiches.
Bush of strawberry


Who can resist the juicy, sweet, bright fruit of a strawberry? They are easy and rewarding to grow and will do well amongst other shrubs in a garden bed or in a pot.

Colour Explosion

Impatiens – known to many as “Busy Lizzies” – are a vital ingredient to any summer garden. Few other plants offer such a mass of blooms for such a long period as these valiant little plants.
20160408-DSC_2711 copy

Recycled kitchen teapot planter

Going potty! We all know how frustrating it is when you (or that annoying guest) chips or breaks your favourite teapot.

Tasty and healthy chow with salad leaves!

In yesteryear, the humble lettuce leaf was used mostly as a limp, green garnish next to a meaty dinner, or to keep one’s picnic sandwiches fresh.
Copy of Copy of Copy of snapdragons03

August in the Garden

We’re not quite yet done with winter, but it is certainly time to start planning and planting for warmer weather. Remember, spring is just around the corner and all garden centres are stocked to the brim with instant colour.
Copy of 20160408-DSC_2731 copy

Denim-Jean Planter

Denim is all the rage in the fashion world at the moment - why not bring this fabulous fashion into your garden thinking too, and make a statement with it on your patio or indoors.

July in the garden

Good gardeners always look ahead, even in the dead of winter. Apart from still planting deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers, one should also plant annuals and perennials which are just beginning to show colour now, as it will result in a rainbow of eye candy in early spring.

Effortless Beauty

Petunias are renowned for three reasons; they’ve been around forever (known since the mid 1700s at least), they’re generous bloomers and there’s a petunia to suit every season.