Activities for the kids

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Pressed Proteas Fynbos DIY

With so much flamboyant fynbos in the air, Life is a Garden has found a way for you to preserve this beauty forever.
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Father’s Day Pot Platter Table Pot Platter - DIY

Father’s Day DIY: Table Pot Platter    Dad’s day is coming up and that means DIY gift time for us gardeners!
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Totally Terrific Transpiration – Find out why it is important!

learn why transpiration is to be paid more attention to and why it is beneficial to understand its importance!
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Plant Transpiration Experiment DIY

Did you know? Just like we release water vapour through our mouths as we breathe, so do plants through their stomata - tiny, pore-like structures on the surfaces of leaves.

Making Paint from Flowers DIY

Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain? Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?

DIY Pot-posh Birdbath

We’re obsessed with birds – watching them frolic in the garden, discovering new species in the area, looking forward to returning friends, and enjoying the feeling of fulfilment from helping to care for our wildlife.

Dissecting Flowers Experiment

Besides adding beauty and colour to the garden, flowers play an essential role in our ecosystem; they feed our pollinators who in turn feed us.

The world in her hands – DIY Women’s Month Planter

She’s got the whole world in her hands (while doing dishes, tending the garden, feeding the kids, juggling work, and trying to maintain a social life).

DIY Frozen Suncatcher Mobile A DIY for kids

With winter in full chilly swing, let’s catch some sun kids! Besides, the Grinch stole Christmas so we’re sure that borrowing the sun for a while will be in order.

DIY Father’s Day Pallet Tool Hanger A gift for father's day

This month we’re celebrating all dads and father figures in our lives. Get the family involved with this practical, thoughtful, and fun DIY project.

DIY African Mamma Planter A gift for mothers day

Here's the perfect gift for the eco-mom this Mother's Day! Give like a gardener with this stunning DIY planter made from an empty bottle, some South African flavour, a cute creeper, and a splash of creativity.

How leaves change colour – an experiment for kids

Autumn is a colourful time for trees and a curious invitation to all young gardeners.
Growing radish in 25 days

Ravishing Radish DIY for Kids Growing radish in 25 days

With Easter just around the corner, get the kids excited and outdoors with this DIY Ravishing Radish growing project.
February in the garden word scrabble

February in the Garden – Word Scrabble

Cna ouy uncsabbrel tehes owdrs? Read through the February in the Garden Checklist to get hints as to what the words are.
Veggie garden word search

Veggie Garden Word Search

Search for the words and flex those brain muscles! How many words can you find?

When plants eat insects, where do they go? A carnivorous plant dissection experiment for kids. When Love Bites

Do plants have stomachs and teeth? How are they able to catch prey like other carnivores if they can’t run?
DIY colour experiment

DIY Colour a Bouquet Experiment

Transform white flowers into a rainbow bouquet Who says back to school can’t begin with a little fun?

Hey kids! It’s time to make DIY Eco seed crackers

If you love Christmas, gardening, upcycling, and keeping the kids busy - you’ll be popping over this project!

Hey kids! It’s time to make a sundial!

This November, Life is a Garden is helping the whole family get into the spring of things by celebrating our South African sunshine.

DIY Succulent & Rose Flower Crowns for Kids A little something special for the girls this October

Life is a Garden is calling on all the fairies, princesses, queens and creatures of the garden to come out and DIY with us.