Activities for the kids


Creepy Crawly Caterpillar Seed Planter

A project for even the smallest of hands - this caterpillar seed planter requires minimal effort or expertise and is sure to create lots of fun in the garden.

Vertical Summer Planting!

No one ever said that gardening needs to only be done horizontally - so onwards and upwards this summer - let’s get vertical with our plants!

A Succulent Festive Gift

This year, give a gift that is practical, gorgeous, and super affordable! Holiday season is upon us and we all know that shopping can be exhausting - not only the physical part of it, but the actual gift ideas and trying to find something that the receiver will love.

Clever Coconuts!

Let’s face it - anything looks better in a coconut shell. Put some juice and a straw in a coconut, and voilà, you have that tropical feeling already!

Wicker Wonderful

Spring is such a happy season - it’s when the garden starts to come to life again after Winter and the kids can enjoy being outside once more.
20160603-KYR_6488 copy

Plant a tree this Spring!

As September starts and the blossoming flowers of spring begin to bud their gorgeous heads, we are reminded of the new life that spring brings and the joy that comes with it.
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Recycled kitchen teapot planter

Going potty! We all know how frustrating it is when you (or that annoying guest) chips or breaks your favourite teapot.
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Denim-Jean Planter

Denim is all the rage in the fashion world at the moment - why not bring this fabulous fashion into your garden thinking too, and make a statement with it on your patio or indoors.

Hanging around this winter

Hanging herb garden With more and more people opting to live in gated estates here in sunny South Africa, we find that gardens with plenty of space are becoming a thing of the past.

Tin Can Light Art

With summer around the corner and the weather starting to heat up nicely in the evenings, our verandahs and decks are once again becoming useful.

Sprouting Seeds

Nature is fascinating! Why not show your kids the magic of Mother Nature by experiencing, first-hand, how a simple seed sprouts into life!
Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion Experiment

This might look like such a simple experiment but it will definitely show the importance of having vegetation covering the soil to your kids!

Snail Traps

This means war! It is time to get the kids involved in the fight against the slimy creatures that feed on the leaves and roots of your carefully tended plants.

Simply Succulent

Keeping kids busy is one thing … keeping them busy and interested in doing activities that are good for them is a completely different ballgame.

Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots

Take the guess work out of watering seeds for kids and help them make their very own self-watering seed starter pot!

Secret Seed Garden

Seeds are all around us, just waiting in the soil to grow. By gathering dirt from several areas, you can grow a garden and see what pops up from those secret seeds.

Planting Seeds in Toilet Rolls

In the spirit of World Environment Day this month, why not practice the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Pet Herb Planters

With school holidays still in full swing it’s necessary to keep the kids entertained with activities that can be both fun and educational.

Peanut Wreath Bird Feeder Peanut Wreath Bird Feeder

Peanut Wreath Bird Feeder

Painted Plant Stone Markers Painted Plant Stone Markers

Painted Plant Stone Markers