Garden Plants


Get the look – Food for Thought Must Love Gardening

This gorgeous edible garden makes you think twice about traditional row sowing. Why not create a stylish veggie garden that serves not only as a functional food source but also as a relaxing chill space where you can share and enjoy your edibles with friends. 

A Bee-Friendly Backyard

This month, Life is a Garden is taking part in the important global conversation about the need for urgent bee conservation.

Staghorn Ferns – A Desired Exotic Beauty

Hooray, spring has arrived! Allow yourself to be swept up in all the blossoming joy and bliss coming to life in your garden.
Life is a Garden

Get the look – A Mexican Fiesta Must Love Gardening

Olá me amigos! This month, our inspiration stems from Mexico and their vibrant, easy-go-lucky flavour. Come salsa with us and spice up your garden by planting a colourful burst of summer fun.
Life is a Garden – Tecomaria SunLovers®, Compact Range

Tecomaria SunLovers®, Compact Range Must Love Gardening

Tecomaria is a popular flowering shrub because they are tough, versatile and extremely useful in sunny gardens. The new SunLovers® range of compact Tecomaria are particularly exciting because they are extremely floriferous, and their flower colours are brighter and more distinct.
Agapanthus POPPIN’ PURPLE flowers

What’s POPPIN’? Poppin Purple Agapanthus

South Africans really do know how to bloom - literally in this case, as we take over the international stage with the world’s first evergreen, cold hardy, purple re-blooming Agapanthus.  

Bringing peace indoors

Peace, especially in our homes can be a good New Year's resolution – so it may be time to try a Peace Lily or a Peace in the home plant.

Pots of flavour in small spaces Container Gardening

You don't need acres of garden to grow fresh salads and veggies. All you need is a balcony, patio or a postage-stamp of a garden, some good-quality terracotta pots, the right growing medium and a watering can, and you're A for away. 

Blooming in the Garden Agapanthus and Hydrangea

The Agapanthus (Agapanthus africanus) and Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) charm lies in the unique nature of their vibrant colour patterns and undemanding low maintenance life cycle.

Beach House Lawn Care Tips that are Absolutely Essential

Owning a home can be a big responsibility – you have to pay the bills, buy the groceries, manage the household, and decorate, if you have time.

Blooming babes

Louisiana Irises (Iris), and Waterlilies (Nymphaea) are beautiful and elegant water-loving, flowering plants. Louisiana Irises (Iris) bloom from mid-September to mid-October – this is the prime-time to buy them in flower from your GCA Garden Centre.

La vie en Rose

Rose Month Celebrate rose month by planting some of these sweet fragranced garden essentials to add colour and charm to your landscape.

Amazing Aloe vera

There are few plants as useful as the Aloe vera. This large succulent boasts a myriad of health benefits thanks to the well-known aloe vera gel it produces within its long leaves.

A beginner’s guide to Hydroponics gardening 6 Hydroponic growing methods to get you started

Growing your own wholesome food needn’t require soil or compost. Hydroponics offers a solution to bountiful harvests in small spaces requiring no soil.

Decorating with Greenery

As you prepare your garden for the spring and summer, it is also a good time to add some greenery indoors.

Water Wise plants that will thrive in every garden Be water wise

Spring is around the corner and for many regions across the country, this means the first rains for the new season and others will start to see dry months ahead.

May in the Garden

Tie a knot somewhere to remind you that it is Mother’s Day on Sunday 12 May. Take Mom to a GCA garden centre to spoil her with graceful Phalaenopsis and stunning Cyclamens – both in flower now!

April in the Garden

Folks in South Africa are lucky to have two ‘spring’ seasons every year – the traditional spring in September when plants from the Northern hemisphere flower, and another one in April when many of our own flowers abound.

Touch-me-not – New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens are part of the genus “impatiens”, which will come as no surprise to most, is Latin for “impatient”.

Pretty Portulaca

In some parts of the world Portulaca is aptly named the “Time flower” because the flower opens and closes at specific times of the day.