Perfect for the Patio

ficus plant

Perfect for the Patio – Ficus nitida

Ficus plants are amongst the most popular foliage plants for indoor containers. Whilst there are hundreds of different species, there are only a few prized for their lush green foliage and successful growth indoors.

Show off your outdoor patio

The patio is where we get chance to sit back, enjoy the garden and appreciate our plants up close and personal – so a great place to incorporate scented varieties!

Plants for the patio

Summer means lots of outdoor entertaining and the festive season brings its fair share of parties.

Perfect for Patios

Brighten up your outdoor living areas with fashionable containers and colourful flowers. Lobelia Summer is the time when homeowners spend most time on their patios or balconies, whether it is dining 'al fresco' style, entertaining or simply relaxing.

Outdoor Living Patios: Show off your outdoor patio

The patio is where one really gets chance to sit back and enjoy the rewards of the time devoted to gardening activities.

Jazz up your patio

Bring your patio to colourful life with an array of eye-catching pots and stunning plants.