Builders Warehouse Port Elizabeth - Home Store of the Year for 2019

While the number 13 is considered unlucky for some, this is not the case for Builders Warehouse Port Elizabeth which walked away from the 2019 South African Nursery Association (SANA) Awards with the title Best in Home Storewinners for the 13thconsecutive year. The awards, which took place in Cape Town during the annual SANA/SAGIC Convention in June this year, set out specific criteria that the winning store needs to meet with gold standards.

Builder’s Warehouse Port Elizabeth aspires to β€œmake the nursery the best in the country”. This was the vision of then CEO Joe Owens in 2006 when Builders Warehouse Port Elizabeth first opened its doors and it remains the store’s vision today. The dedicated and passionate Garden Centre team led by Lara Maritz, are committed to creating an unforgettable shopping experience for every customer that visits the store.

Having first walked away with the SANA Award for Home Store Winner in 2007, the team at Builders Warehouse Port Elizabeth were inspired to continually strive to improve their Garden Centre and deliver exceptional service to customers. The store aims to inspire its customers with inspirational garden displays that are well thought out and align with the seasons. The staff strive to be helpful and provide customers with useful tips and the best advice to help their customers overcome possible issues and aid them in turning their garden vision into reality.

While the team on the floor are responsible for delivering the exceptional customer service that earned them the SANA award, they would not have been successful if they did not receive the support and encouragement from their Brand Manager Chris Carthew and the Head Office Team members Heyns Botha and Fiona Delport. Their suppliers also provide tremendous support which keeps them motivated and driven to be the best.

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