Basic Seed Sowing

Although starting flowers, vegetables, herbs and lawn from seed seems like an easy task the Life is a Garden team are often asked questions around the very basics of how to sow seeds.

There are many different things to consider, depending on what seed you are sowing and where, but here are just a few tips and guidelines:

  1. Think about what you are going to plant, how much, and where. This involves a bit of arithmetic. Work out your planting area in square meters and decide how much seed is required. All the detail required is on the back of the seed packet. Plant what you enjoy eating! If you don’t like Brussels sprouts, just don’t plant them!
  2. Before sowing, think about which flower, veggie or lawn you want, and design it on a rough plan. Then research correct soil preparation. Most important, also check whether the seed should be sown in seedling trays or direct into the soil, and watch for correct sowing depth, which is a classic reason for failure. If you are sowing in trays use seedling mix or coir mix, and not potting soil which is too coarse.
  3. Once started, there are three main reasons why things go wrong and if you avoid these three common errors, you are pretty much guaranteed success. They are sowing time, position, and water. Get one, two or three of these wrong and it is unlikely you will succeed. There are three sowing times; Summer, Winter, and “all seasons” (throughout the year), so check the seed packet before sowing.
  4. There are also three possible positions; full-sun, semi-shade, and shade, and again, check the seed packet before sowing. Of the three common errors, water is the most important. It is vital that you always follow the sowing instructions and keep the sowing area moist. During the first six weeks, do not let the sowing area dry out, it must remain moist at all times. Once the garden is established, we recommend regular deep watering rather than frequent watering, and at an approximate rate of 18mm twice a week.

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