Blooming in the Garden Agapanthus and Hydrangea

The Agapanthus (Agapanthus africanus) and Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) charm lies in the unique nature of their vibrant colour patterns and undemanding low maintenance life cycle.

Agapanthus (Agapanthus africanus), also sometimes referred to as African lily are one of South Africa's best-known garden plants. Their strap-like leaves and striking blue or white flowers make them favourites in plant borders as well as in containers. Agapanthus is a very undemanding, low-maintenance plant and will survive the elements thanks to its water-storing root system.Plant them in full sun in composted, well-draining soil and water once a week.

Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) is a sure favourite in South Africa with its abundance of huge ball-shaped and lace-capped flowers, blooming from November to late summer. They come in a stunning variety of colours from intense red to pink to blue to white and often bicoloured depending on the soil pH. They are shade-loving plants, (they like the morning/ late afternoon sun) and do best in well-drained fertilised soil. Keep them well watered and to intensify their colour, feed them regularly.

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