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DIY Festive Wreath

There’s nothing like the holidays! Festive food, houses brimming with family and friends and just the most wonderful time of year. This year, we get into the festive spirit by making our very own wreath.

What you will need:

  • 15-inch florist foam (38cm) ring
  • Carissa Macrocarpa/bay leaf tree branches (preferably with flowers and berries)
  • Filled watering can to soak the foam
  • Ribbon
  • Hook
  • Red bow
  • Pretty pins

Let’s get started!

  • You can either soak the florist’s foam in some pool water, or other water which you’ve saved, or use a watering can to soak it in (always remembering to be water wise!)
  • Get some newspaper and put it on a surface you don’t mind getting a little wet.
  • Then, very carefully, start inserting the plant twigs and thorns into the foam, perpendicular to the foam, and work your way around the ring, filling in any gaps with twigs. If twigs are a little unruly or long, simply cut them to the size and/or shape you’d like.
  • Once all or most of the foam is covered with greenery, it’s time to add some festive red. Use the pretty pins to attach the bow to the wreath.
  • Cut a length of ribbon and tie it around the top of the wreath, and knot it so that the hook will go through and hang nicely.
  • And voila! Hang your wreath up at the entrance to your house to welcome visitors
  • Spritz the leaves and foam every few days to keep your wreath lush and lovely.

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