Cascading Colour

Planting up a Hanging Basket

If you’re short on space in your garden or just simply enjoy all levels of eye candy, why not get the kids to plant up a few hanging baskets this spring to add some cascading colour to your patio?


What you’ll need:

  • Seedlings - Bedding plants for full sun: We used petunias (in the centre as they grow the tallest), alyssum and vincas.
  • Potting Mix
  • Hanging baskets of your choice
  • Bonemeal or slow release fertiliser
  • Trowel
  • Watering can


Step 1 - Preparing

Select a basket. There are a variety of baskets available at your local garden centre. Consider what will fit with your decor and what theme works well with your garden and plant choices. Also select the size that best suits the type of plant that you will be planting, taking into consideration its future growth.

Step 2 - Planting

The best plants to use in a new hanging basket are well-established plants that are either flowering or are close to flowering. Arrange large plants first and tuck in smaller plants around these, including trailing plants at the edge.

Choose good soil. A good quality potting mix or compost should be used for hanging baskets. Add a slow-release fertiliser or bonemeal and mix well before filling the basket.

Take care when removing the seedlings from the tray. Show kids how to remove them using their fingers like clasps, so they do not damage the fragile roots.

The order of things should always be that you arrange the larger plants first and tuck in smaller plants around them, including trailing plants at the edge.

Step 3 - Hanging the baskets

Place in good sunny position - be considerate of the plants' needs; few plants can withstand full sunshine or full shade when they are planted in a hanging basket.

Step 4 - Watering

Depending on the temperature and the plant type, hanging baskets may need to be watered daily. Water daily, especially during warm weather.

Step 5 - Care

Remove spent blooms from your plants two to three times a week to encourage plants to produce a succession of flowers.

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