Clematis Bractiata


On travelling in the Eastern Cape during the earlier summer months it is a joy to see cascading white flowers in the bush. Traveller’s joy is in flower! And summer is very much here. Clematis bractiata is a stunning climber that bears masses of dainty, sweetly scented, creamy white flowers during late summer and autumn. The flowers are followed by large, decorative seed heads that persist on the plant until well after mid-winter.

It is wonderful to have our own indigenous South African Clematis as many of the products found in nurseries today are highly hybridised and exotic . Planting Clematis bractiata will make for flop proof gardening as it is from South Africa. It is also not fussy about the type of soil it grows in and therefore is suitable for South African gardens.

When planting it in your garden ensure a good growth and flowering season by trying as much as possible to create its ideal moisture conditions namely to be well watered during the summer months and dryer during winter. Clematis as a deciduous climber can be grown on a trellis, pergola or a fence. It has slender, twining, woody stems and climbs into trees or scrambles over bushes with ease. It quickly reaches a height of 5m if left unchecked however can easily be trained into a more formal growth pattern if so desired. Should you need to prune it do so in late winter.

Traveller’s Joy has many medicinal properties. It is said that travellers in the old days used the leaves packed into their shoes to ease blisters, aches and pains. A tea made of the leaves ease headaches, coughs, colds, chest ailments and abdominal pains.

Why not plant a beautiful indigenous Clematis bractiata it happily grows in any climate from winter to subtropical rainfall. It is suited to full sun or semi-shade conditions and will ensure a spectacular summer display in your garden.

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