Late summer is a wonderful time to create a meadow-style garden with colourful members of the daisy family combined with grass-like plants. The annual chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum carinatum), the gaily-coloured blanket flower (gaillardia), marmalade shades of the gloriosa daisy and black-eyed Susan (rudbeckia), pink echinacea, white Shasta daisy and sunflowers enjoy an open, sunny aspect.



Other flowers that suit this style of gardening, and are as unpretentious in their appearance as the daisy, include the pincushion flower (scabious), flat-headed yarrow (achillea), white lace flower (Ammi majus), blue lace flower (Didiscus caeruleus), gaura and feathery fennel. The shrubby Salvia leucantha with purple and white woolly tubular flowers, and the arching indigenous grass-like Chlorophytum saundersiae (anthericum) with tiny white star-shaped flowers would also be suitable.

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