Denim-Jean Planter

Denim is all the rage in the fashion world at the moment - why not bring this fabulous fashion into your garden thinking too, and make a statement with it on your patio or indoors. This denim jean planter will create a cute and unique talking point on your patio with its ‘lifelike’ look and originality.

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If the kids have an old pair of jeans and shoes lying around, then this activity is a must, especially for the long July holidays. Get all the kids involved with doing their very own unique denim ‘pothead’ and this will soon become a fun, family activity. If you don’t have a kiddies pair of jeans lying around, then any old kids pants will also work, but remember that the finished product is not suitable for the direct outdoors as the pants and batting are not waterproof.

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What you will need:

  • A pair of old kids denim jeans
  • An old pair of kids shoes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Some batting
  • A plant (we used a Cyclamen which was already potted)
  • Thick ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • An old spoon/utensil
  1. Firstly, cut the batting to size (once rolled up, it must fit snugly inside the pant legs). We cut the batting a bit longer to make sure that the shoes would fit around the batting as well.
  2. Cut a bit of bubble wrap to go around the top of the batting, to ensure that there is no chance of the batting getting wet when the plant is watered.
  3. You can then roll the batting and keep it in a firm hold while you wrap the bubble wrap around the top of the batting.
  4. Place sticky tape where the bubble wrap ends, so that it stays in place on the batting.

 - Push the bubble-wrapped end of the batting up the pant leg, so that the bubble-wrap is at the top of each leg and there is enough space for the pot

- Position the jeans on a table and fold the legs over the end of the table so that they resemble someone sitting.

- You can now cut a bit more bubble wrap to fit around the plant pot and then wrap it around the pot and stick it down with sticky tape. If you use a plant from your garden that is suitable for the indoors, you’ll need to put some potting mix in a plastic pot, large enough to fit inside the jeans.

- Hold open the top of the jeans and place the pot plant inside, making sure it is placed well enough to not fall over.

- Pull the ribbon through the belt holes and tighten it around the pot, tying it with a bow to securely hold the pot in place.

- Place your shoes onto the end of the batting of each leg - if your batting is too long, cut enough off so that you still have plenty to fit inside each shoe.

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