Flowering Names

Some people would love to see their name in lights … but how about seeing your name in flowers? Try this fun gardening activity with your kids this weekend.

What you’ll need:

  • Flower seeds
  • Stick – we used the back of a paintbrush
  • Small section in the garden

Step 1

Help the kids to prepare the soil in the designated section of your garden by mixing in compost and fertiliser. Roughly a 1m x 1.5m patch.

Be sure to remove any stones or weeds and other debris, then smooth out the soil.

Step 2

Using the stick or back of a paintbrush, get the kids to write their names, making sure that the groove is about 3-5cm deep.

Step 3

Evenly sprinkle the seeds into the lines they have just made and then smooth the soil back over to cover them.

Step 4

Water lightly. Overwatering will result in the seeds shifting which will distort the name.

Step 5

It will be such an exciting time for the little ones as they see the seedlings come up and their names appear in green!

No need to stick to your name, why not try a smiley face or even a heart? The options are endless!

To download the PDF version click here LIAG_Kids_Activity-Flowering_Names

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