Flowering this month – July

While many plants shy away from harsh winter conditions, the African Daisy (Arctotis) is a hardy plant that boasts beautiful large and colourful daisy-like flowers that range from pink to red, yellow and burnt orange. These evergreen flowers, which have been said to look like an African sunset, are real sun worshippers, opening only when they are in bright sunlight. Get flowering plants from your nearest GCA Garden Centre and they will brighten up any winter garden or patio.

If you’re looking for low maintenance flowers that add beautiful bursts of colour, then you will love the Treasure Flower (Gazanias). These water-wise plants require minimal watering and grow best in full sun. With their bright flowers, which range from bronze, orange, yellow, red, deep pink and mahogany, they can be added to flower beds or rockery to add colour to the garden for most of the year. Because they require minimal water, they grow well in drought-stricken areas too.

The Cancer Bush (Sutherlandia frutescens) is a small evergreen shrub that bears orange-red pea-like flowers on the tips of branches filled with greyish-green leaflets. This plant enjoys full sun and tolerates all soil types. It is tough and hardy and benefits from being watered moderately.

The Aloe ice-cream’s delightful two-toned pink to creamy white flowers make it a beautiful addition to the garden. This small aloe is well suited for smaller gardens and containers for added colour on patios.

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