Fragrance In The Evening

Gardenia augusta

Fragrance plays an important in an evening garden. White flowers often attract night-time pollinators, not only because they are visible in the dark, but also because many of the blooms are scented, as seen in South Africa’s dainty epiphytic (tree) orchid Mystacidium capense with arching sprays of scented white flowers.

The scent of Choisya ternata, frangipani, gardenia, jasmine, honeysuckle, mock-orange (philadelphus), murraya, many roses, tuberose and viburnum will drift across the garden and onto patios and through open windows. Lilies are another favourite in the evening garden, for their elegant flowers and strong perfume.

Sometimes flowers are insignificant but have a strong fragrance, such as the tiny sprays of white flowers of Osmanthus fragrans. Alyssum has a delicate honey scent and is among the most useful of annuals for a quick ‘carpet’ effect. Use it in pots, to edge paths, and in-between the treads of steps and paving.

Murraya exotica

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