How to Garden With Colourful Foliage

How to garden with colourful foliage


– provides an architectural element.

– defines contours in a garden

Gardens are already pretty green, so play with the foliage. Look out for:

– colourful leaves

– different textures

– distinct patterns

– distinct shapes

Use annuals like coleus and hypoestes to brighten up shady areas.

Garden bed tip: Use bigger or taller varieties at the back, mounding plants in front of those, and low-growing or spreading plants right at the front.

Container tip: Plant a large focal piece in the middle, surrounded with something mounding, and then have a trailing element on the edge, so it can spill over the pot.


– Plant grasses to form the backbone / spine of your garden beds. Then plant other annuals around them to change the look and “re-decorate” in the different seasons

– Ornamental grasses add structure to garden beds

– Annual foliage like Coleus is fantastic in the garden – brightening borders and adding texture to mixed containers.

– Use lavender or spinach as edible foliage

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