Garden Inspired Gifts!

Inspired by the Christmas song about the gift of a partridge in a pear tree and lots more too, we bring 12 fun ideas for garden gifts that keep on giving!

Rose garden:

Miniature rose bushes enjoy container living and a few of these will transform a sunny balcony into a garden of roses for someone in a rental or home with limited garden space.

Big tree:

Trees are available as big and as pricey as budgets allow, especially if family members club together to treat owners of a just-built house and start-up garden.

C0N2364Tiny tree:

Bonsai? Portulacaria and crassula are  easy for a novice to work with and to try proudly African pruning styles like the Pierneef and Baobab styles.

Barrow-load of colour:

A wheelbarrow filled with potting soil and bedding plants make an instant feature. Chrysanthemums and dwarf alstroemerias flower in exciting colours; sabiosa, gypsophila and cuphea create a softer effect.

Veggie patch:

One bag of compost and a few salad plants create an instant no-dig vegetable patch. Cut holes in the bag, plant the vegetables inside and water regularly.

Medicine chest:

A planter of medicinal herbs makes the gift of gentle home remedies. Parsley, sage, thyme, lemon grass, rosemary and mint all have medicinal as well as culinary uses.

Framed view:

A trellised archway is easily installed to frame a view. Pair your gift with a fragrant, evergreen, quick-climbing plant like Star jasmine.


Bird baths are welcome oases for birds, and an apartment dweller may appreciate a hanging model. For a splashy gift find one with a solar-powered fountain or bubbler.

Garden stream:

Well, the illusion of a stream. A curved wood or metal bridge surrounded with reed-like plants can evoke the impression of water flowing underneath it.

Living painting:

Use succulent plants to create amazing textured vertical 'paintings'. Just a meshed vertical planter and selection of crassulas, sedums, sempervivums and echeveria as 'paints' for this unique gift.

Happy faces:

Involve the kids in making gardening gifts. Acrylic paints to draw smiley faces on bright-coloured plastic plant pots, plus grass seed or mondo grass as hair for their pot-people.  

Invisible garden:

A garden of fragrances for someone with limited vision; aromatic foliaged plants include lavenders and scented pelargoniums.

For yourself, an indigenous Christmas tree. Yellow woods can stay on as an indoor plant, be moved to the patio or planted in the garden.

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