Hanging Herb and Veggie Garden

With limited space our hanging herb and veggie garden is a real space saver and a perfect activity to do with the kids!

What you'll need:

  • Vertical planter bag – pop into your nearest accredited garden centre and see what options they have available
  • A drill, screws and any other attachments needed for putting up your planter bag (Check the instructions)
  • Selection of suitable herb and veggie seedlings – ask the friendly staff at your local garden centre what they recommend. We used mixed lettuce, spinach, chives, parsley, mint and strawberries
  • Compost
  • Watering can
  • Spade

Step 1

Hold the bag up against the wall and use a pencil to roughly mark where the holes need to be drilled.

This step is for the adults! Use your drill to make the holes for the screws. Thread the screw through a washer and then the eyelet of the planter bag to give it a neat finish. Attach it to the wall and tighten the screws.

Step 2

Now it’s time to get the kids involved. Let them fill each of the pockets with compost using their spades. The pockets should be filled to roughly 5cm from the top.

Step 3

Time to get planting! Plan what will be planted in each pocket. For example, the taller veggies like spinach and chives can be planted in the top pockets and hanging veggies or fruit like strawberries should be planted in the bottom pockets.

Step 4

Make a hole in the soil of the first pocket and place your seedling snugly into it. Pat the soil down around the base of your seedling.

You might need to add a bit more soil to top it up.

Step 5

Plant the rest of your seedlings, making sure not to overcrowd any of the pockets.

Step 6

Let the kids give their hanging garden its first drink of water! Use a watering can to water slowly with a gentle flow, or you might wash soil and plants out of the pocket onto the plants below.

Handy Tip:

It is important to keep a look out for aphids, slugs, caterpillars and other pests.

We suggest planting Marigolds in your vertical garden as they are not only pretty but a great deterrent!

To download the PDF version click here!

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