Cool houseplants to try out

Staghorn fern (Platycerium) – an epiphytic tropical plant with two types of leaves. It has tough bright green antler-like foliage as well as flat basal-like leaves, which can turn brown and papery. This plant is normally sold already mounted on a piece of wood. Hang it in bright, diffused sunlight and mist regularly with water.

Zebra plant (Calathea) – this tropical plant with its lovely mottled leaves enjoys a humid atmosphere and bright diffused light. Frequent misting will prevent brown leaf edges, and regular feeding with a water soluble fertiliser at half-strength will keep it lush.

African milk tree (Euphorbia trigona) – this is a tall, slender and erect succulent from Namibia. The dark-green branches are three-cornered and ridged, with white mottling along their entire length and short brown thorns on each ridge. Vertical ranks of spoon-shaped leaves are held on the tips and along the sides of each branch.


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