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– Only prune lavender once the plant has flowered.
– It’s a good idea to pinch / prune back spent flowers plus about 6cm of green foliage to encourage flowering and bushiness
– Only green stems must be cut.
– Selectively prune out whole errant woody stems if necessary
– Feed with a slow release fertiliser and water well after pruning.

– It’s important to prune trees, as this encourages healthy growth and a better-shaped tree
– Begin by removing any dead or damaged growth.
– If the tree is damaged from winter, wait a few months for the tree to recover, before pruning again.
– Prune out weaker branches and twigs and those which have less growth – this will encourage flowers or fruit to grow, if it is a fruit or flower tree.
– Prune out any crisscrossing branches especially those that come into contact with each other.
– Keep an even, cup-shaped structure and open up the tree’s centre to allow sun in.

– Cut branches of shrubs, particularly when they are smaller. This will create the shape for the plant and save time in the future, from major pruning.
– Decide on desired shape from the beginning –ie low mound/ball form: cut out the central leader and maintain a roundish structure by pruning regularly.

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