Bonsai Basics: How to repot your bonsai Watch here!

Bonsais need to be repotted around once every two years, when the nutrient supply has been cut off by enveloping roots.

You’ll need:

A bigger pot (only if necessary),

A rootrake

Bonsai pruning shear

Wire cutter


The roots:

– Use the rootrake to remove old soil from the roots, starting on the sides and bottom of the tree, taking care not to cause damage

– Cut away roots which have grown too long, ensuring you don’t cut more than 30% of all the roots

The new pot:

– Prepare the new pot

– Cover the holes with a small piece of mesh (this is secured with wire)

– Also attach another piece of wire, to anchor the bonsai later

– Add a thin layer of the original bonsai soil

Planting the tree:

– Place the tree in the prepared pot and use the wire to hold the tree in position

– Add bonsai soil around the tree and use the chopstick to work the soil around the roots, filling all the air pockets around the root system

And finally:

– After repotting is finished, water thoroughly and place tree in a shaded area for 2 weeks. Thereafter, move back to its original location

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