Indoor Plant for February: Peace Lily

IMG_9000Originating from South America, spectacular spaths (also known as the peace lily or sail plant) are a wonderful, easy-going addition to any décor – whether you’re a seasoned houseplant gardener or new to the whole houseplant thing. With just a little care and attention, they’ll reward you with beautiful year-round flowers and foliage just about anywhere you place them.

Spathiphyllum is one of the best plants for indoor gardening, as it is undemanding of light and care.

This is one of the best plants for improving air quality indoors. It has one of the top removal rates of toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia and carbon monoxide from tainted indoor air.

Place your peace lilies just about anywhere you’d like in your home – they’re a decorator’s dream!

Care Instructions

  • Bright light, but no direct sun. Will tolerate low light but may bloom poorly.
  • This plant grows naturally in high humidity and warmth. Keep soil evenly moist. Use a pot with a drainage hole to prevent soggy soil, which can cause root rot.
  • Feed monthly in spring and summer with a balanced liquid fertiliser diluted by half.


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