June Indoor Plant

Patio - Cyclamen

The blossoms of the cyclamen twist and turn like tiny butterfly wings. The silver, marbled colouring of the foliage accents the beautiful flower colours of lavender, rose, maroon, red or white..Cyclamens naturally bloom in autumn and winter when the weather turns cool. During the hot, dry summers, cyclamens become dormant, their foliage yellows and dies back, and plants show no signs of growth. They store energy for the next flowering season in their round tubers. 

Care instructions

Temperature: Cyclamens do not like heat. Do not expose them to temperatures below 4 °C or higher than 25 °C. Light: Give the cyclamen bright, indirect light in the winter. While your plant is dormant during the summer, keep it out of bright light. 

Soil: Cyclamens are very tolerant of diverse soil types and are not concerned too much with the pH, although they prefer a slightly alkaline soil. 

Watering: Cyclamens are a bit fussy about watering. It’s best to let the soil dry out between waterings, but not to the point of wilting. When the pot feels light or the soil feels dry just below the surface, water thoroughly and let it drain. Pour out any water left in the saucer so that the soil doesn't stay waterlogged.

Care: To keep the plants blooming, remove flowers as they finish by cutting the stems near the base of the plant. Also remove yellow and withered leaves.

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