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1) Prepare a new planting hole
2) Dig a square hole larger and deeper that the root ball, and put this soil into a trug/bucket/wheelbarrow.
3) Water the hole well.
4) Add compost and bonemeal/superphosphate to the bottom of the hole.
5) Water the tree/shrub well the day before transplanting.
6) Prune off the top third of the tree/shrub.
7) Dig the root ball out as deep as possible. Leave as much soil around the roots as possible.
8) Try to position the tree/shrub in the same orientation that it was in its previous position, in the centre of the new hole.
9) Fill the hole in with the soil that was taken out of the hole and firm the soil around the root ball making sure to eliminate any air pockets.
10) Make a saucer around the base of the tree to help keep the water around the root ball
11) Water well. Now sit back and watch your tree/shrub flourish.

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