How to maintain your lawn in 5 easy steps!

Note: this clip applies to areas without water restrictions. If water restrictions still apply in your area, it’s probably best to wait for some rain before cutting, fertilising or watering your lawn.

Step 1 – Cutting: For a lush, thick lawn, cut the grass often. Each time you cut, shorten the grass stem by about 5cm. During drought, leave it a little longer – it will withstand the drought better.

Step 2 – Fertilising: Fertilise with a 7:1:3 granular fertiliser, or an organic alternative, just before it rains, or use rainwater which you have collected, to water the lawn immediately after fertilising, or it will burn.

Step 3 – Watering: Be water-wise:

– Water in early mornings or late afternoons

– Water deeply and less frequently

Step 4 – Weeding: Weeds compete for water and nutrients.

Visit your local GCA garden centre for advice on the best herbicide to use for your particular weeds!

Step 5 – Aeration: Just as we need oxygen to breathe, the roots of grass need air too. Aeration also allows for water to reach the roots, rather than it running off the surface.

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