Making a Daisy Chain


You will need:

  • A bunch of daisies or chrysanthemums, roughly 25, including stems. We are using chrysanthemums today. Carnations and roses work well too. Just check with your mom before raiding her garden!
  • A plastic knife or a Stanley knife if there is adult supervision.
  • Plastic cutting board


Step 1

Arrange the flowers in order from the thickest stem to the thinnest. It makes it easier to thread them later. Start from the thickest.

Step 2

Kids can use the plastic knife to make a small slit lengthwise in the stem of the first daisy, about 5cm below the flower. Adults can use the Stanley knife to assist if the stems are quite thin. 5cm is just a suggestion. The closer you make the slit to the flower, the denser your chain.

_FRA3272Step 3

Push the knife through the stem and gently squeeze open.

Step 4

Thread the stem of the second daisy through the slit of the first.
Now thread a third flower through the stem of the second, and so forth.
Continue slitting and threading until your chain is as long as you’d like it to be.

Step 5

Connect the chain by slotting the stem of the last daisy through the stem of the first daisy.
Trim the excess stems but be sure not to cut too close to the slits.

Voila! You’ve created a crown fit for a fairy princess!


To download the PDF version click here!

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