November – Salvias for summer

Salvia splendens, known commonly as the salvia, has to rank as one of the hottest flowering annuals available.

It’s not just their long lasting, fiery colour that makes them so appealing as a summer bedding plant, it’s also the ease with which they grow and minimal maintenance that make them a must.

With a just few trays of seedlings and minimal time, you can transform almost any area into a welcoming explosion of colour and charm. Salvias enjoy plenty of direct sun, thus enhancing their confidently rich colour, although they do perform in dappled shade areas.

Adding to their popularity is the fact that they aren’t fussy to their growing conditions and in turn this makes them ideal to those living in townhouses or those of us who have barren spaces to fill, as you are instantly rewarded with magnificent colour.

Salvias flower for long periods, through summer and can even push through into autumn if one deadheads regularly. Look out for red, purple and bicolour flowering cultivars.

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