Pelargonium zonale

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Pelargonium zonale is an erect to scrambling shrub with almost succulent stems that are often hairy. The older stems harden and become woody with age. The leaves are large, smooth or textured, fairly crisp and usually with a  pale to dark horseshoe-shaped mark which is a characteristic of this species.

pelargonium flower without prominent markings on the petals, which are long and narrow. Pelargonium zonale grows easily, preferring a semi-shade to full sun position. The plants should be pruned hard after flowering and tipped occasionally to encourage bushiness and to keep them tidy. Feed with compost or  liquid organic fertilisers if necessary. A good layer of mulch will keep them sufficiently moist. Over watering may result in very lush foliage but reduced flowering.

Stockists Kwa-Zulu Natal:

Blackwood’s Home of Gardening
Builders Warehouse – Riverhorse
Garden Pavilion Halls – Kingsburgh
Hingham Nursery – Durban North
Illovo Nursery – Kingsburgh
Jesmond Dene Nursery – Pietermaritzburg
Plant Nursery – Bluff
Builders Express – Amanzimtoti
Builders Express – Ballito
Builders Express – Hillcrest
Builders Express – Pietermaritzburg
Builders Express – South Coast
Builders Express – Umhlanga
Builders Warehouse – New Castle
Builders Warehouse – Durban North

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