Perennials can play an important role in garden landscaping, where they are valued for their colour, longevity and reliability. The following perennials give great value:

  • Agapanthus – its root system is excellent for holding soil on slopes. Grow in broad sweeps in the landscape, in borders, and in large pots. Dwarf varieties are suitable for edging paths.
  • Alstroemeria – choose cultivars that have a compact growth habit and do not need staking. Because of their long flowering season throughout summer and into autumn, these tuberous rooted perennials deserve garden space.
  • Day lilies (hemerocallis) – provide a dazzling display from early summer well into autumn. Grow between shrubs and in the border. Even when not in bloom, the graceful arching leaves of evergreen varieties are attractive.
  • Gaura lindheimeri – dainty pink and white butterfly-like flowers are held on tall wiry stems, and are best grown in clusters in full sun. Can withstand heat and drought.
  • Hellebores – are among the first flowers to appear in winter. They are able to withstand cold and frost. Grow in dappled or semi-shade in enriched soil.
  • Limonium perezii – This giant statice, with umbrella-like heads of violet-blue and white flowers held on sturdy stems, is drought resistant.
  • Salvia farinacea ‘Victoria’ – a neat, clump-forming plant with upright flower spikes of indigo-blue flowers. Mixes equally well with white, pastel, or brightly coloured flowers. Plant in groups.
  • Bulbine frutescens – a water wise, clump-forming plant with grass-like succulent foliage and yellow or orange flowers. A great ground cover for hot areas.

Gaura lindheimeri

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