Planting Beetroot

You will need:

Pop into your nearest accredited Garden Centre to get your supplies:

  • Beetroot seeds
  • potting soil
  • trowels
  • a watering can
  • A colourful container to plant your Beetroot in (NB: containers should be at least 20cm deep)
  • And some willing participants ready to get their hands dirty!

Step 1

Start off by adding the potting soil to the container, just over the half way mark. Using a trowel is the obvious means of doing this however, feel free to get your hands dirty.

Step 2

Pat the soil down using your hands. You can add a bit more if you need to…

Step 3

Now it’s time to start sowing!


Sprinkle the Beetroot seeds over the compacted soil and gently pat them down with the palm of your hand. Be sure not to sprinkle too many seeds into the container.

Step 5

Add a few more handfuls of soil to cover the seeds, not too deep, roughly 2cm thick. Gently pat down with the palms of your hands once again.

Step 6

Almost at the finish line! Grab those watering cans and give those little seeds their first drink of water.

Step 7

Ta-da! Getting those hands dirty has never been so rewarding.

Step 8

The perfect spot to keep your Beetroot seeds would be in a sunny and open position; although they will also tolerate part shade.

Step 9

Water daily. Do this until the leaves begin to sprout. The roots will take moisture from the soil once they're established.

Step 10

Avoid over-watering. This causes beetroot to produce more leaves and less root. And under-watering creates woody roots.

Step 11

When your seedlings are big enough it's time to thin out your crop to give each plant enough root space to grow into a healthy beetroot.

Make sure they are spaced about 7 cm apart. The leaves will provide a cooling umbrella for the roots. And you can eat the ones you've pulled out!

To download the PDF version click here!

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