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Learn how to plant grass plugs successfully!

1) Treat the area for weeds

2) Loosen the soil to a depth of 10-20cm

3) Mix a good compost into the soil

4) Don’t forget the bonemeal/superphosphate

5) Mix it in!

6) Dig 5cm holes into the soil (space as recommended by the grass type)

7) Pop the plugs out of the tray and pull apart those which have grown together

8) Pop a plug into each hole and press down with a finger. Fill in around each plug firmly with the soil.

9) Repeat the planting process until all the plugs are in the ground

10) Water your new lawn daily for 10 days, then every 4th day for the the next 12 days.

11) Relax and enjoy your new lawn.

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NB: In areas where there are water restrictions, water your new lawn with grey water, or wait to plant lawn until there is a period of rain

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