Pond Maintenance & Tips for South Africans

Many homeowners dream of having a pond in their homes. It creates a beautiful environment where you can feel rested and relaxed as you enjoy the beautiful view. Although there is much to be enjoyed, maintaining your pond is a crucial element that can seem quite tedious.

Life is a Garden has the perfect pond tips that will make maintenance easier. You can find all your water gardening needs at your GCA Garden Centre.


Pond Pump

Choosing the right pump for your pond will set you up for a win. It will provide accurate oxygen and circulation which is essential for fish staying healthy and alive and an important aspect of your pond's ecosystem. If the water in your pond is not correctly circulating it will result in algae build-up and stagnation in your pond.

 Some of the things to consider when choosing the ideal pond pump are how high you are wanting to pump to push up and the volume of your pond.

 An easy tip for calculating the volume of your pond is: L x B x H = x 1000 which will equal the litres of water your pond holds.


Pond Leaf Skimmers

Adding in a product to minimize the leaf debris is your next step. For example, you could use a Pond Leaf Skimmer, this type of product is ideal for reducing your workload by removing leaves and other particles as they land in your water that may cause your pond to be waterlogged. It basically works as a net to accordingly collect all the particles before they sink to the bottom. It is easily accessible and should never be underestimated for the huge clarity it adds to your water for better viewing of your fish as they swim around.

 Although leaves are more likely to fall during the autumn season, we recommend that you use a pond skimmer with a floating basket that not only cleans your pond but enriches the water with vital oxygen and improves the water quality.


Pond Pumps
Pond Vacuum Cleaners

If you are looking at saving time on the weekends so you can simultaneously spend it doing what you love most. Look no further than Pond Vacuum Cleaners that gets to those areas which are not easily reachable –Pond vacuum cleaners are durable and can get to the bottom and around the surface of your pond. It does not even require you to bend and scrub or get messy and dirty. The best time of the year to vacuum your pond is early autumn or on a bi-weekly basis during peak summer.

If you are wondering if your fish will be safe during the clean, you can rest assured that they will not be harmed.


Algae Controls

Have you ever noticed a build-up of the green-like layer in your pond? This is called algae which is perfectly normal but certainly needs to be controlled. Controlling the algae is made possible with different types of algae controls that can be found in your nearest Garden Centre. Algae Control Powders are one of the simplest and inexpensive ways for keeping your pond clean and clear while being perfectly safe for your aquatic plants and harmless for your fish. It is also vital for releasing vital oxygen in your pond.

Depending on how quickly algae accumulates in your pond, we suggest that you sufficiently utilise it every two - four weeks, however, be sure not to over use products like these in order to prevent harming your fish.

Cleaning out the pond

Escape from the chaos of life and transform your pond into an environment of tranquillity. With these simple Pond Tips, you can ensure your pond is hassle-free.

Article provided by Waterhouse Pumps.

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