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Pruning and sealing

Not only does pruning promote new growth, but it also increases fruiting powerand capacity, ensuring the health of your plant. Throughout the season, taking your pruning in stages.

In early spring:

Prune grapes beforetheir sap starts to move in.In warmer areas, this may be your last chance to prune (like coastal Durban) but in warmer areas (inland or mountain regions), it can be done as the weather warms.

Top Tip* Avoid pruning peaches, plums and almonds while winter is still lingering because it can spread the silver leaf virus.

In late spring:

Prune back your citrus to open up the framework of the plant. By removing old growth, you are allowing more light into your plant or tree and also remove any diseased or dead wood.

As for your flowers prune back camellias as soon as they finished flowering. For extra assistance for a thorough clip and cut, refer to our pruning guide and arm yourself with Efekto Sterisel.This fungicidal pruning wound paste is designed to assist your pruning projects on all your roses, grapevines, shrubs and fruit trees.

Garden Guru Tip

For this season, in particular, protect your stone fruit treesby spraying with Efekto Virikop to protect them from leaf curl disease, with a once-off application after pruning.

Efekto Steriseal
Protection against mildew, black spot and aphids

Once you’ve clipped back your old growth, it’s time to eliminate any residual pests and stop new ones from moving in. Spray your deciduous fruit trees with a winter clean-up spray, like Efekto Kumulus WG and Efekto Oleum, to remove any overwintering pests and diseases.


In warm areas, aphids may begin to appear on fresh new shoots. They can be identified by their small, pearshaped soft bodies, usually green to black in colour.You will notice them in small groups called colonies on leaves and new growth. They are sap feeds, so this means they will cause your leaves to curl and stunt growth. To avoid further damage, control their invasions with Efekto Aphicide. As soon as your pests appear, spray crops with Efketo Cypermethrin 200EC and for the home and garden, use Efekto Malasol.


If your rose blooms are struggling with aphids or cases of black spot or midew, spray them with Efekto Rosecare 3 or Efekto Rosecase Plus.

Aphids on roses
How to identify plant fungus:
Black spot

You will notice black spots with yellow borders on older leaves. The leaves will trn yellow and fall off. To get rid of this fungus, continue spraying weekly until the fungus is controlled. Black spot should be treated preventatively after heavy rain and heat conditions.


A greyish-white powdery growth will show on the younger parts of your plants. This fungus causes shunting and shrivelling of leaves.

Black spot
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