Report: Gardening for The Sunflower Fund Campaign

  • Quick Facts


Start and end dates: 1 August 2016 – 30 September 2016

Main aims: To raise funds for The Sunflower Fund / SA Bone Marrow Registry and to gte feet through the door of GCA Garden Centres

Participants: 41

Result: R28,133.23


  • Members who participated


Over the 9 weeks of this campaign, there were 40 members who participated and Lifestyle Home Garden took 2 orders of stickers. We ordered extra stickers in case there were any members who wanted more and we now have 680 leftover. Sticker orders as follows:

Company Category Date of Order Person Ordering No. of Stickers Ordered
1. Greener Tidings GCA 05/07/2016 Lizzy Altenroxel 250
2. Atlantic Fertilisers ABSTA 05/07/2016 Peter Runkel 500
3. Red Leaf Nursery GCA 05/07/2016 Adele Steck 100
4. Greenside Nursery GCA 05/07/2016 Jan van Blerk 500
5. Plant Culture Nursery Grower 05/07/2016 Scott Hogg 100
6. Eckards GP Nursery GCA 11/07/2016 Wayne Stewart 600
7. Plantimex (on behalf of Builders) Grower 07/12/2016 Heyns 5,000
8. Efekto (on behalf of Builders) ABSTA 07/12/2016 Heyns 10,000
9. Lifestyle GCA 07/12/2016 Daylin, Robin 1,000
10. GardenShop GCA 11/07/2016 Godfrey Budler 1,000
11. Hecker Nursery GCA 10/07/2016 Hilda Hecker 200
12. Andy Titterton Nursery BPGA 11/07/2016 Shane Beckwith 500
13. Starke Ayres ABSTA 07/12/2016 Panda 500
14. Starke Ayres ABSTA 11/07/2016 Terry-Leigh Austin 1,000
15. Ball Straathof BPGA 11/07/2016 Kathy Varney 1,000
16. Nedplant Grower 12/07/2016 Hugo Proper 1,000
17. Hingham Nursery GCA 12/07/2016 Julie Scragg 250
18. Montana GP Nursery GCA 12/07/2016 Jacki (Dyer) van Zyl 200
19. Colorweis Grower 12/07/2016 Sean Altona 1,000
20. Brandmullers GP Nursery GCA 14/07/2016 Michele Coetzer 1,000
21. Mayford Seeds ABSTA 14/07/2016 Paul Vonk 1,000
22. Plant Nursery GCA 18/07/2016 Derrick Schoeman 150
23. Peebles Plants GCA 21/07/2016 Wendy Graham 3,000
24. Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds GCA 21/07/2016 Wendy Graham 1,000
25. Colourful Splendour GCA 21/07/2016 Wendy Graham 1,000
26. Protek ABSTA 25/07/2016 Pauline Swanepoel 1,000
27. Coprosma Nursery Grower 25/07/2016 William Webb 1,000
28. Tulbagh Nursery GCA 25/07/2016 Alta Laing 400
29. Klugro Kwekery Grower 25/07/2016 Louise Kluge 100
30. White River GP Nursery GCA 26/07/2016 Alice de Beer 100
31. Cotton Picker ABSTA 26/07/2016 Janice Kruger 100
32. Sunkist GP Nursery Grower 28/07/2016 Monicque Hills 500
33. Florex Indoor Plant Service Grower 28/07/2016 Pim Proper 1,000
34. Leckhampton Grower 04/08/2016 Colette Norris 150
35. Plantland GCA 11/08/2016 Jolandie Malan 4,000
36. Hecker Nursery GCA 19/08/2016 Hilda Hecker 250
37. Plant Paradise GCA 19/08/2016 DM Hoffman 300
38. Concrete & Garden Creations GCA 23/08/2016 Claudia 500
39. Clark’s Tuinsentrum GCA 24/08/2016 Karien 20
40. Lifestyle GCA 29/08/2016 Robyn 1000
41. Pretty Gardens GCA 31/08/2016 Manie 200
Total: 42470


  • Social Media Competition


During this time, we only had 1 entrant to the social media campaign – Karin Steinbrucker Bray, who entered via Hecker Nursery. Karin has already collected her R250 GCA voucher from Hecker Nursery.


  • Statistics


The campaign, which was run via LIAG’s social media channels and through participating GCA garden centres, ran from 1 August to 30 September 2016. The campaign was a huge success in terms of social media following and brought more people in contact with gardening. During this period, we had the following increases in our social media reach:

 1 August                                           30 September

Facebook:                  25,910 followers                              27,088 followers

Instagram:                 1,094 followers                                1,179  followers

Twitter:                       2,094 followers                               2,320 followers

Monthly newsletter:  4,947 subscribers                           5,131 subscribers


This was our major campaign during this time and most growth (in press or social media exposure) can likely be attributed to the campaign – everything else that we ran over this period was generic.

In posts which we tagged The Sunflower Fund, we would have received exposure on their platforms and the reach was huge (see below example and stats – 3,345 people reacted to this particular post; much higher reach than we normally receive):

Our focus though, wasn’t purely digital exposure – it was mainly press exposure. The total amount of free press exposure LIAG received via press releases during August and September was R49,226.34.



  • Press Release Issued


Life is a Garden: Gardening for The Sunflower Fund

The Sunflower Fund’s mission is to create awareness, educate the public and handle the registration process for people to join the South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR). Their aim is to offer the hope of life for people suffering from leukaemia and other life-threatening blood disorders. They also pay for the test cost of people joining the SABMR.

Life is a Garden is running a campaign to support The Sunflower Fund. The campaign will run from 1 August to 30 September.

Visit your closest GCA garden centre, keep a look-out for this poster, purchase a product with a “Gardening for The Sunflower Fund” sticker during and you will be contributing to this wonderful cause. Then take a picture of the stickered product/s you have purchased at your local GCA garden centre, during August and September, and send to us via Facebook inbox (@lifeisagardensa) – you can win a voucher to spend at your local GCA garden centre, to the value of R250, with a grand prize of R3000! Every purchase of a stickered product will benefit the Sunflower Fund!

The Sunflower Fund is delighted to announce a brand new campaign, called “Sunflower Day”. The campaign will run from August to the end of October, with the highlight being “Sunflower Day” on 16 September in 2016.

The organisation’s iconic bandana has also undergone a significant change with the introduction of the Tube of Hope – Tope. It’s a revitalised version of the bandana, with a unique design; the Tope is an affordable, multipurpose article of clothing that can be worn as a headband, mask, scarf, cap or arm-band. Available in 6 eye-catching colours – Small is (R20.00 incl VAT) and Large (R25.00 incl VAT) on sale at Pick n Pay, Round Table, online store Zando and selected ICPA pharmacies, from August 2016. To find out more about The Sunflower Fund and their 2016 campaign, visit their website

Support Life is a Garden and help us support the Sunflower Fund!

The following pics of “Tubes of Hope” were sent with the press release, together with pics of the sticker design and poster design:


  • Posters, Social Media Post


A4 and A1 Poster Design Social Media Competition Post


  • Images From Members who Participated


Please click the following link to the shared Google Drive folder of images which we received from participating members:

Images from members


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